What is a home inspection?

 The home inspection is a visual analysis of the components of the home at the time of the investigation, which is a snapshot picture, if you will, of the house at the time of the inspection.

What does getting a home inspection mean to you?

The home inspector in Oklahoma has a set of standards of practice (SOP) that they are to follow. The Construction industry board (CIB) governs the home inspection industry.

NHI will arrive on-site with all our inspection tools ready to get to work.

Splitting the home inspection between Leeanne doing the interiors and Edward doing the remaining systems. Performing the inspection, we recommend that you follow and ask questions; if you do not understand what you are seeing. NHI gives a verbal report on the things that are marginal or defective at the end of the field assessment. We Stay until you fully understand our comments.

As I stated before, we encourage you to be at the home inspection

How long does the inspection take?

It usually takes 1.5 to 3 hours for the field inspection. Then there are about 3 to 4 hours of work completing the computer report.
After completing the report, it is emailed directly to you.
New horizons inspections is here to inform you and help you make a sound decision to purchase your new home.

Peace of mind.

By getting a home inspection on the property, that you would like to purchase, you can get the peace of mind that your inspector has given you a snapshot of the home at the time of the evaluation.
When you hire NHI to complete the inspection, you can rest assured that we have done a thorough job inspecting and explaining it to the best of our ability.

When you hire NHI to complete your home Inspection, you get our full attention; that is, we are not thinking about the next inquiry for that day, for we at New Horizons Inspections schedule one inspection a day, and that one is yours!​


anatomy of a house
The different names of components of the house that we observe when performing a home inspection.

Here you can see Edward and Leeanne at an inspection serving very happy clients.

What components of the home that are covered in our home inspection report are according to the standards of practice:​

According to the SOP, the home inspector inspects the visually assessable systems in a non-evasive procedure.
Below is the list of some of the items covered in the inspection, or you can use the link above to read the SOP for yourself.

What is involved with a home inspection?

Performing a home inspection, there are many components inspected. Here are some examples that we examined according to the SOP of the state of Oklahoma.

Roof: type of roof, the covering materials, flashing, roof penetrations, chimney, and its components, skylights, Guttering, downspouts, and leader extensions.

Attic: The attic access, insulation, roof framing, ventilation, inspect the flue pipes, vent plumbing, and electrical wiring in the attic.

Exterior: exterior cladding, windows, doors, flashing, trim, soffits, fascia.

Interior: flooring, ceilings, walls, appliances, plumbing fixtures, electrical outlets, basement, fireplace

Plumbing: main water shut off, waste lines, water lines, hot water system.

Electrical: service line, meter box, panel box, wiring.

Structure: foundation, walls, framing, ceilings, joist, beams, sub-structure.

Crawlspace: Access, foundation stem walls, interior stem walls, plumbing, wiring.

Grounds: grading, vegetation, drive, walks.

HVAC: cooling systems, heating system, distribution.

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