The inspection process for beginners!

A couple wondering what is the next step
What is next?

What’s first?

You should be a part of the inspection process after you have chosen your future home. Buying a house is a significant investment, and you can’t return it later if you change your mind.
Okay, you have chosen a new home, agreed upon the price with the seller, and signed some contract. So what now?
Are you going to rely on the realtor to choose your home inspector, or do you put your feet to the process yourself?

Be a part of the home inspection process.

We recommend that you be part of this home process as much as possible, so you will know who is inspecting for you: Do they have your best interest in mind, or are they just in the business of making good money off you?
Choosing a home inspector can be a daunting project with all of the home inspections companies in this area, so where do you start?
Of course, you can ask your realtor for suggestions or your friends and relatives who they have used on their home purchases. Online reviews can be an excellent tool.

Now you have your list

Once you have a list of home inspectors to call that you have gleaned from your sources, do more research. See what others have to say about them, and pay close attention to who is writing the review. Is this an authentic home buyer who has used them, or is a realtor pumping up their favorite inspector? You can tell by the way they write the review by saying things like;
“I use them on many occasions,”
” They work well with my buyers,”
” They have a fast turnaround time.”
Looking at all of the good and bad reviews online, seeing how the inspector responds to those reviews will give you an idea of who the inspector is and how they do business.

Now it’s time to make the phone calls!

What do you ask the inspector once you have them on the phone?
Let us start with;
How long have you been in business doing home inspections?
Do you stay current with your inspection continuing education?
What does your home inspection process entail?
How long does the inspection last?
Will I be given a written report, and what kind of report is it? (Naritive style report is best because it provides more information.)
Can I be at the inspection? (This is best.)
Are you active and in good standing in any home inspection association?
The Construction Industry Board governs the home inspectors in Oklahoma, and they oversee the licenses and the Standards of practice that all inspectors are required to follow.
Do you follow the Oklahoma Standards Of Practice?
Lastly, how much will this cost me?
Now that you have done your homework and have chosen an inspector, what now?
If you are working with a realtor, you inform them who you have picked, and they will call to set up the inspection. If you are not working with a realtor, you’ll need to set up the date and time with the seller. Also, inform them of any instructions that the inspector has given: like making sure that the inspector will have access to specific systems, like the electrical panel box, attic access, or crawlspace access.

Setting up for the inspection

You will need to set up any other inspections at this time that you want. For example, checking for termites usually needs a certified termite inspector.
So the big day has arrived!
If possible, you will want to be onsite on the day of the inspection. Ask the inspector if you can follow them around and ask questions, remembering that it takes time to complete the examination.
At the end of the inspection process, the inspector should give a summary of the home’s condition. Some inspectors provide the written report at the end of the assessment, and others will email it to you later.

Understanding the report

The important thing is that you understand what the inspector is saying about the house. Ask questions until you fully understand. You are paying for their knowledge, so get your money’s worth.

Pay attention to what the inspector recommends.

Good luck and if you have any questions give New Horizons Inspections a call at 405-639-7408 and we will do our best to make this home process easy for you.