Here are some of the homes that New Horizons Inspections has visually Investigated.

As you can see, we have completed home inspections on many styles of homes. Every type of home has its own set of problems that we examine. The age of the house also adds to the issues that we see. The older home inspection usually adds to the time spent on the inspection, for there is a history of people adding to or taking away from the structure, electrical, and plumbing systems. For instance, the electrical in an old home could have started as knob and tube wiring, which has changed over the years, and some of the old knob and tube wiring is still active along with the next stage of wiring that came along later. On the plumbing, lead waste lines were used as a waste line in the early days, was it updated partly, and was the line comprised by removing the strapping that holds it up? What about the cast iron lines, are they sound or rusted and about to fail. What about the structure, Were permits pulled, and were the addition inspected by a city inspector? As a home inspector, we can not check on the licenses or permits of work that the contractors performed, but as a home buyer, you can ask these questions to the seller.