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Leeanne and client
Leeanne giving a satisfied client our HOme inspection booklet.
  • Jiayin W, Home Inspection I have just had my house inspected by them. They are nice and did a really wonderful job. They inspected the house thoroughly and explained very carefully for me. Also give me 90 days guarantee for the inspection. Thanks for their hard work and I will definitely introduce them to my friends.Jun 23, 2014Verified
  • Mike Y, We recently had a home inspected by New Horizons, and it was truly time and money WELL spent. Ed and Leanne are very responsive, thorough, informative, and… just good people. They only schedule one inspection a day, so there was definitely the sense that their full attention was on us and the house they were inspecting. And they were thorough–3.5 hours (2500 sp. ft.) where they tag-teamed. They did a great job of verbalizing what they were seeing, pointing out cost-effective ways to address issues they found, and answering all of our questions in a very respectful manner. One really gets the sense they want their clients to know what they are getting. They did a great job pointing out issues with the roof, testing the heating/cooling systems, plumbing, and electrical. We received the report that evening and they made themselves available to go over it the next morning. We will DEFINITELY use them again in the future (if the need arises!)….Read MoreJun 12, 2016
  • Ann H, I have purchased several homes within the past 20 years this is the most comprehensive inspection I have ever received both of the inspectors were professional knowledgeable and easy to work with I would highly recommend themAug 4, 2015
  • Kyle U, We were very pleased with the McEntire’s and used them on inspections of 2 different houses we were looking to buy. They were very thorough and they put us at ease. We are now very happily living in our new home thanks to them!Aug 7, 2015
  • Andy B, Very good inspection for the house I purchased. After two years everything still just fine. Edward did not miss anything. Highly recommend his skill in evaluating the complexity of home inspections.Apr 6, 2011
  • John R, Both Edward and Leanne are very nice. With that being said we used them in home inspections a few times for different properties and within months there were several items that were not found on the indication report that should have been detailed. Due to this it has costed us several thousands of dollars in repairs that we may have avoided if found on inspection….Read MoreMay 6, 2015Verified
  • Roy B, New Horizons did a thorough and professional job concerning a new rental property I recently bought.Aug 4, 2015Verified
  • Laura R, They were on time and professional. Couldn’t ask for more. They really look for everything and include it on the report!Aug 8, 2016
  • Avi G, Edward and Leeanne were thorough, polite, knowledgeable, and very professional. They took time to go through even the smallest detail and explained everything very clearly. I very much appreciate how they not only found the issues with the house but provided professional tips on how to fix them.

John Hite, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueNew Horizons inspections went above and beyond to help educate and explain to us all of the issues they found. They took the time to literally walk us through the house and explain what could turn into issues as well. We feel that Ed and Leeanne really did care for us and looking out for our best interest. Their report was so thorough that our realtor said she had never seen anything that detailed before. Explained how even the height and width of our stairs affected how you safely walk up and down them subconsciously.
Overall very pleased and will recommend them to anyone looking to have an inspection done.

Response, John, thanks for the review. I hope you and your new bride are really happy in that house, I’m sure you will be!

 KayceeLebavitz, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, value if you need a home inspected, this is definitely the company to use! Edward and Leeanne McEntire are absolutely amazing at their jobs and provided us with the best quality service we could’ve asked for. We used them for our initial inspection and our 11-month inspection, and they provided quality workmanship and they explained everything to us that they found. They even explained how to fix things ourselves. They are also the kindest people you could meet!!

Response from the owner 2 weeks ago thank you.

 Blake Matsuuura, Professionalism, Quality, responsiveness purchased a property out of state and found New Horizons Inspections after reading through reviews online of multiple inspection companies. They did an amazing job with communication from afar and in their thoroughness, discovered some concerns that should be addressed. They rated their level of concern for their recommendations which was both helpful and reassuring. It’s been a difficult process buying from out of state, and this was the first time I’ve actually felt that someone in this entire process had my best interest in mind. Thank you!!!

Response from the owner Thank You, Blake, for your kind words. We really appreciate you sharing your experience online. I have to confess I really do just sort of emotionally adopt each one of my clients and try to look after them.

William Lebavitzi,  Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueNothing but 5 stars or more from them! They are very knowledgeable about it all. We had 2 inspections from New Horizons, once before moving into a new build house, and again before our 1-year warranty expired. They found crucial items that needed attention, many that saved us lots of money to have the builder fix rather than if we were to have fixed ourselves. They took the time to explain everything to us in detail, and offered advice on how to care for our new home as well! I even had questions about some things a few days later after the inspection was over, and they were so willing to continue to assist. I recommend them to all if you need an inspection on a home!

Response from the owner, Thanks for the nice review. Hope you all are enjoying your new home.

Ren Caldwell, This husband and wife combo are dynamos, and masters of their craft. Their knowledge of housing paired with their courtesy creates a sense that you are in great hands as soon as they arrive. This pair is beyond thorough; you know that you are going to get every bit of information about your house that you could possibly need/want to know. They make sure to explain things until they know you understand what they’re saying, to ensure you understand what you’re getting into with your new home.

Response from the owner, Thanks Ren Hope the new home serves all your needs.

Tyler Combrinki, Professional and extremely thorough inspection service. During the inspection, they took time to personally walk me through everything they had concerns about and pointed out items to watch for in the future. A portion of the inspection felt like a master class in how to properly care for a home. The report I received was detailed with pictures of the items called out. Even my realtor was surprised by the level of service. I could not recommend them more highly.

Response from the owner, Tyler, thanks for the review. We love to help our clients become successful homeowners, not just make it through the purchase of a house.

V Cao, Great inspection on the house and walk you through the basics of a house. Very thorough, I will use again. Response from the owner, Thank you.

Clayton Dorris, Edward and Leanne were very courtesy, professional, and thorough. They worked hard to make sure my wife and I understood the report and made me feel confident about the types of recommendations made. Response from the owner, Thank you, hope your family is happy there for many years to come!

Nancy Brown, Very knowledgeable and very helpful plus a pleasure to work with

Response from the owner, Thanks Nancy, it was nice to meet you. Hope you are happy in your new home.

K Chaitu Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Response from the owner, Thank you. K Chaitu.

David F, We are getting ready to sell our house in a year or two after 26 years. Edward and Leeanne did a very thorough, professional job inspecting our house from roof to foundation. Good job explaining their findings. Provided a well-organized report afterward. I Will use them again when we are closer to the time to buy.

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